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With a Local Sponsored Listing you can position your advert to be displayed at the top of our search results for your chosen classification and Yellow Pages directory area combination (not displayed in company name searches¹).
Benefits of a Local Sponsored Listing
  • Appears as the first listing on the results page.
  • Includes key information about your business, products and services—if a user's search terms match some or all of the keywords you use in your advert to describe your business then we will highlight this—emphasising the relevance of your advert.
  • Maximises exposure—your advert will be shown when our users search for a classification and a location covered by the directory area you have purchased. Read more about how Search works.
  • Add value to your advert for free—include your company logo, up to 20 photos and 'Call for Free'. Read more on free features.
  • Drives more customers to your website—links to your company website if you have one (optional).
  • Choose from two available positions per classification² and Yellow Pages directory area combination—landscape or portrait
  • Option to withhold your address and/or telephone number.

How much does it cost?

The landscape design starts at £810 excluding VAT for 12 months.

The portrait design starts ar £540 excluding VAT for 12 months.

Prices depend on which position you choose, the classification and the location. Classifications and locations are priced based on the value they bring to the advertiser, and are split across six price bands for classifications and three for locations. The value is determined by the level of usage a classification and location gets and also the volume and spend of users who go on to make a purchase from the advertiser.

  Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 Band 6
Coverage band 1 3,460 2,770 2,770 1,980 1,980   990
Coverage band 2 3,300 2,650 2,650 1,890 1,890   950
Coverage band 3 2,830 2,270 2,270 1,620 1,620   810

  Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 Band 6
Coverage band 1 1,730 1,385 1,385   990   990   660
Coverage band 2 1,650 1,325 1,325   945   945   630
Coverage band 3 1,415 1,135 1,135   810   810   540

Your company logo or an image of your products, services or premises and a link to your website can be added to your advert free of charge.

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¹ A company name search is any search where the company name field is used.
² You cannot purchase both positions for the same classification in the same Yellow Pages directory area.

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