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How will a Local Sponsored Listing work for my business? works by enabling people to search for and find the businesses they need in the area they're looking at. By buying a Local Sponsored Listing, your business will appear above all other listing products when a search is made for your type of business, in your area. Some search terms will be relevant to more than one classification, and in these instances, advertisers from all the relevant classifications may be displayed. (To increase the effectiveness of your advert it is necessary to limit the number of times a Sponsored Listing is displayed to the same user within the same search.)

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What kind of geographical coverage will my advert get?
Your advert will appear when a user searches for your type of business in an area that's within your selected Yellow Pages directory. For instance, if you purchase your advert for the Reading & Newbury Yellow Pages directory, your advert will be displayed when users search for postcodes and postal towns within the Reading & Newbury directory area¹.

There are some post towns that fall into more than one Yellow Pages directory area. If someone searches on for a business in one of these, then advertisers from all the relevant Yellow Pages directory areas may be displayed. You can download a list of these towns and corresponding directory areas (pdf format). You can download Adobe Reader here, if you need it.

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What if my business is based in more than one place?
Your physical address does not affect the way this product is displayed. For instance, your business may be a mail order business physically located in an area different to the area you wish to target or, if you are a mobile business, then you can choose the directory area that you are prepared to cover.
How can I make my advert cover a wider area?
You can purchase this product for multiple Yellow Pages directory areas to show your advert to users searching a wider area. Express your interest now.

¹ Excluding searches that include a company name.

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