Pay-per-click keywords

How will a pay-per-click keyword advert work for my business?
When you buy a pay-per-click keyword advert we will return your advert on searches for keywords that you have chosen. This is a highly targeted form of advertising which ensures you are only displayed on relevant search queries that you have specified. Furthermore, you only pay once your advert is clicked upon.
Where will my pay-per-click keyword advert appear on
On national searches (e.g. "Car Insurance" in "UK") your advert will appear in the main search results listings below the search bar. Up to 10 pay-per-click keyword adverts will appear per page. These results will be displayed in order of bid price. If your ad is at position 11, it will appear as the top pay-per-click keyword ad on page two.
How will I know which keywords will perform well?
When you create your advert, you will be able to look at bid prices for keywords, which will give you an idea of which keywords are popular and high performing, and also look at suggestions for keywords.
Think about what your business offers, and the kind of words and terms that your potential customers and users might be using to find your business, brand, product or service.

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