1. Introduction
2. Rules applicable to Your Town advertising
3. Rules applicable to all Yell advertising


At Yell like most media owners, we have a number of policies relating to the acceptability of advertising material. This is Yell's overarching policy and is based on the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Practice (together the "CAP Code"). There are primarily 3 areas:-

LEGAL: No Advertisement should contain anything that is in breach of the law nor omit anything that the law requires.
DECENT: No Advertisement should contain matter that is: likely to cause grave or widespread offence or embarrassment; not suitable for publication or display; or likely to subject Yell to criticism or embarrassment.
HONEST & TRUTHFUL: No Advertisement should, whether by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or neglect, mislead Users about any matters likely to influence their attitude to the advertised product or service.

By following these principles we aim to:

  • create fair and transparent rules that can be followed by all of our customers;
  • protect the interests and reasonable expectations of the user communities of our products;
  • demonstrate our support for the codes and guidelines set out in the CAP Code;
  • meet the obligations imposed both on ourselves (as publisher) and upon you (as our Advertisers) under law and regulation in the United Kingdom; and
  • underscore the product values we have for each of our products.

It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that all advertisement content complies with the law and relevant regulations including The British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Practice.

Useful information concerning the CAP Code can be found at www.cap.org.uk. If you are unsure about your advertisement free confidential pre-publication advice is available from The Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice team. The CAP Copy advice team can be contacted via email on copyadvice@cap.org.uk (but they will not give legal advice)

2. Rules Applicable to Your Town Advertising

2.1 Positioning of Advertisements
2.2 Address Policy
2.3 Telephone Number Policy
2.4. Classification of Advertisements
2.5. Directory Format
2.6. Coupons
2.7. Foreign Language Advertisements

2.1 Positioning of Advertisements

  • The positioning name must appear in the advertisement in addition to any other name. It should appear in a font size no less than 6 point and must be legible.
  • Advertisements will be ordered within classifications alphabetically followed by numerics.
  • Positioning name will be based on the first 6 alpha characters, where the name begins with a letter. Where the name begins with a number it will be based on the first numeric character only.
  • Punctuation and spaces included as part of the positioning name will be ignored.
  • Where advertisements "tie" on positioning name they will be randomised.
  • Positioning of advertisements is not guaranteed and final position is arranged at Yell's sole discretion to optimise directory layout and paper usage.
  • Where the positioning name consists of an initial, first name, surname or "The" eg.

    • John Acre
    • J. Acre
    • J. Acre Landscaping
    • The Red Cow
    It can be positioned under any of the below:-

    • Initial
    • First Name
    • Surname
    • The
    • First word after "The"

2.2 Address Policy

Addresses are not mandatory (see coupon section for exceptions). Partial addresses are acceptable, however where an address is included it should be accurate and legible. Customers should, not withstanding any changes Yell makes to its content policies, still comply with any statutory and regulatory requirements for the inclusion of addresses in their advertisements.

2.3 Telephone Number Policy

Telephone numbers are not mandatory (see coupon section for exceptions). Where telephone numbers are included they should be legible and comply with ICSTIS or ASA guidelines, where appropriate. ICSTIS are The Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services. For more information about their guidelines please refer to their web site www.icstis.org.uk Yell does not accept the advertising of any Telephone service that ICSTIS determines to be of an adult nature - including, without limitation, telephone services accessed through telephone numbers prefixed 0908 and 0909. Customers should, not withstanding any changes Yell makes to its content policies, still comply with any statutory and regulatory requirements for the inclusion of a telephone number in their advertisement.

2.4 Classification of Advertisements

All advertisements (other than Inside Back and Outside Back Covers, Advertising Fillers and coupons) must only appear under classification headings that describe the actual product or service offered.

2.5 Directory Format

Advertisers must not reproduce or attempt to reproduce extracts, advertisement types or listings from the directory. This is in order to ensure that:

i. The format of the directory, designed for maximum ease of use is not harmed by advertisers reproducing parts of it, e.g. classification headings.
ii. Single advertisements are not made to look like multiple advertisements by use of the Yell format.
iii. Yell product copyright is not infringed.

2.6 Coupons

Coupons are only acceptable within the coupon section as they can be removed from the directory without detracting from the overall usefulness of the directory.

The terms and conditions on the Coupons cannot be altered and Yell requires the name and address of the business, where the coupons can be redeemed, to be shown on the face of the coupons. Notwithstanding the requirement to include an address Advertisers may authorise the publication of a coupon without an address on the condition that the Advertiser accepts liability for redemption of the coupons at any of its businesses which are identified in the Coupon.

Coupon offers within the directory are restricted to offers of the following four (4) types:
  1. BOGOF type offer—"Buy X get X free"
    Example—Buy one pizza get one free
  2. Money–off offer—"X off next purchase or X off next purchase or a specific product/service
    Example—10 off when you spend 50 or more on bedroom furniture
  3. Percentage–off offer—"X% off next purchase" OR "X% off a specific product/service"
    Example—10% off when you book an MOT
  4. Introductory offer—"First X free when you book X"
    Example—"First lesson free when you book five lessons"

2.7 Foreign Language Advertisements

Foreign language advertisements are acceptable provided they are supplied with a covering note detailing the English translation. Languages using non English alphabet are not acceptable for non - display advertisements

3. Rules Applicable to All Yell Advertising

3.1 Legal
3.2 Decent
3.3 Honest and Truthful

3.1 Legal

3.1.1 Professional Services Classifications

Any title protected by legislation, imposes an obligation upon the individual using this title in advertising, to ensure that they are appropriately qualified and authorised by the relevant regulatory body e.g. Solicitors are legally required to be registered with the Law Society. In the interests of our users we will only accept advertising in the classification headings listed below from advertisers holding the appropriate qualifications. Accordingly, no advertising will be accepted from those in related headings. Yell reserves the right to vary the list from time to time NB. Criminal and civil remedies can be brought by a regulatory body against any individual who does not comply with the above. The following titles fall under this category:- ACCOUNTANTS ARCHITECTS BARRISTERS CHIROPODISTS & PODIATRISTS CHIROPRACTORS DENTAL SURGEONS DOCTORS (MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS) INSOLVENCY PRACTITIONERS NOTARIES OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS OPTICIANS - DISPENSING OPTICIANS - OPTHALMIC (OPTOMETRISTS) ORTHODONTISTS OSTEOPATHS PATENT AGENTS PHYSIOTHERAPISTS SOLICITORS TRADE MARK AGENTS VETERINARY SURGEONS

3.1.2 Advertisements Offering Credit

The regulatory regime applying to any particular credit advertisement aimed at consumers will depend upon whether it relates to secured or unsecured credit. For these purposes, "secured" means secured by a charge over property. Secured credit can fall under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Authority's ("FSA") regulatory regime, the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ("CCA") or, in some cases both. Unsecured credit is likely to fall under the CCA regime where it is aimed at consumers. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the correct procedures are taken for checking the content of advertisements. Where advertisements fall under these regimes advertisers will be required to complete a declaration form regarding its content. The classifications most likely to be affected by these regulations are as follows. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and that wherever a reference to credit is included in the advertising content, it must comply with the relevant regulatory requirements: Banks & Financial Institutions; Building Societies; Cheque Cashing; Credit & Finance Companies; Credit Unions; Debt Adjustment & Management; Equity Release; Financial Advisers; Loans; Mortgages; Pawnbrokers.

3.1.3 The Tobacco Advertising & Promotions Act 2002

Advertising of tobacco products is prohibited under the Tobacco Advertising and Promotions Act 2002. It is an offence to publish any advertisement if the purpose or effect is to promote a tobacco product, i.e. a product consisting wholly or partly of tobacco and intended to be smoked, sniffed, sucked or chewed. Content should be restricted to the following details only. Non tobacco products such as pipes, lighters and other smoking accessories, company name, address details, telephone details and hours of opening and closing.

3.2 Decent

Yell media is distributed on an unsolicited basis and the contents should be acceptable to people within a wide range of sensibilities. In spite of whether the advertisement is legal, copy can be offensive to a number of people. Accordingly to avoid causing anyone embarrassment or upset, we reserve the right not to permit advertising where we, in our discretion, feel it may cause offence. Specifically :- - No paid for advertising is permitted for Massage or Escort Agency services in any Yell Product; - No images of full frontal nudity shall be permitted; - No advertisements that promote discrimination on the grounds of a person's religion, race, sex, disability, or sexual orientation or age.

3.3 Honest & Truthful

3.3.1 Fair Competition

The CAP Code states that comparative claims in advertising are permitted, provided they are not misleading in any way. Listed below are examples of acceptable and unacceptable statements.
  • Comparisons can only be made between products or services of the same or similar type.

    X We have the largest and best stock of carpets and flooring in the South East
    X We are the cheapest wholesaler in England!
    v Very competitive prices! We will match the cost of branded products if you find the same model cheaper in another store
    v We are one of the leading suppliers in the south east (if supported by independent statistics)
  • Comparative advertising should not directly or by implication question the quality, integrity or reputation of other businesses or their products.

    X Don't trust the cowboys come to us instead!
    X Why use the sharks when you can get a truly reliable service with us?!
    v We have built an excellent reputation as a caring family business in Torquay
    v We look after our customers and offer outstanding after sales service
  • Advertising should not resemble any other so closely that it misleads or is likely to cause confusion.

    X Never use well known slogans or copy used by other advertisers as they are likely to be trade marks or protected by copyright
    X Never copy the visual style of advertising used by others to avoid trademark,
    copyright infringement or passing off.
    v Use fresh material and ideas
    v Obtain images from Yell's general artwork studio

3.3.2 Health & Beauty

Advertisements for the provision of services or products in the areas of Health and Beauty are regulated. This is by way of professional or regulatory bodies for Health, and the Advertising Standards Authority for Beauty. Advertisements offering advice or treatment for medical conditions are acceptable, provided they adhere to the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Practice. The following guidance notes are taken from the Code:-


  • Advertisements must not encourage users with serious or chronic medical disorders to visit them rather than their own doctor.
  • The use of terms such as "serious", "chronic"," persistent" in front of a medical condition are prohibited.
  • The title "Doctor" or "Dr" may be used provided the Advertiser is a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Advertisers qualified in other doctorates are also entitled to call themselves "Doctor" or "Dr" but must specify the subject so that users are aware if the qualification is non-medical.
  • Abbreviations may be used, e.g. "D.Ch." (Doctor of Chiropractic).
  • Dentists may only use the title "Doctor" or "Dr" in an advertisement if the Advertiser is a dentist with a dentistry-related doctorate or PhD.
  • Establishments where medical treatment is offered, may not be described as "clinics" or "hospitals" in an advertisement unless they are under the direct supervision of a qualified medical practitioner(s).
  • No advertisement should include details of the cure of an illness or disease as opposed to the relief of its symptoms.
  • No advertisement should include details of the diagnosis, prescription or treatment of a condition by correspondence.
  • Dental technicians are not permitted to advertise any service which necessitates working inside the patient's mouth. (This is to ensure that such work is carried out only by qualified dental surgeons.) This prohibition includes the fitting, insertion or fixing of dentures, artificial teeth or other dental appliances.
  • No advertisement should offer to refund money to dissatisfied users of the medicinal product advertised.
  • No advertisement should use testimonials or unrepresentative evidence to support exaggerated claims for the efficacy of a product or the relief of a particular condition.
  • Advertisements should not include any claims that weight loss or slimming can be achieved by any means other than dieting, e.g. Body wraps, unless accompanied by wording such as "Weight loss can only be achieved in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet".
  • Advertisements should not include any claims of specific amounts of weight or inch loss within a stated period.
  • Advertisers should not make claims that imply addictions (e.g. Smoking) may be overcome via their treatments without any self control / will power on the part of the client.
  • No advertisement should encourage unnecessary or excessive use of an advertised product.
  • No advertisement should include a claim that an advertised product does not contain a particular ingredient which is in common use, thereby giving the misleading impression that the ingredient is harmful.
  • The following medical terms and conditions should not be used by advertisers unless they appear under the Doctor's (Medical Practitioners), Clinics (medical clinics only) or Hospitals classifications unless explicit written permission is obtained from Yell. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list.
  • These terms must not be within the bullets of their product that appear on Yell.com's search results page.
  • Glaucoma and Diabetes screening terms may be used in respect of Optometrists and Opticians classifications.

Unacceptable medical terms and conditions and Acceptable alternatives (where applicable)

AnginaCirculatory Problems
ArthritisArthritic Pain
Blood Pressure (Low or High)Circulatory Problems
Bronchial CongestionCough/Sinusitis
Cholesterol (High)Circulatory Problems
Circulation (Poor)Circulatory Problems
DepressionEmotional Problems/Inability to Relax/Feeling Down or Blue/Stress/Tension/Fears/Panic Attacks
DiabetesCommon Diabetic Food Problems
Ear Disorders (Serious)Earache/Glue Ear
Eating DisordersN/A
Epilepsy N/A
Erection ProblemsErection Improved/Libido(Low)/Relationship Problems/Sexual Counselling
Erectile DysfunctionErection Improved/Libido(Low)/Relationship Problems/Sexual Counselling
Eye Disorders (Serious)N/A
GastroenteritisDiarrhoea/Stomach Upset
Hiatus HerniaN/A
Heart DiseaseCirculatory Problems (Local Minor)
Herpes ZosterN/A
ImpetigoSkin Problems/Skin Problems (Stress Related)
Jaw Joint DysfunctionN/A
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)N/A
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)N/A
Menstruation (Regulation of)Menstrual Pain/Pre Menstrual Tension/Pre Menstrual Syndrome/ Period Pain
MigraineHeadaches/Migraine Headaches
Muscular DystrophyN/A
ObesityDiet (Trouble Sticking to)
Prostate ProblemsN/A
PsoriasisSkin Problem / Skin Problems (Stress Related)
Respiratory Disease/ConditionsN/A
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesN/A
Skin Disorders (Serious)Skin Problem/ Skin Problems (Stress Related)
Spinal InjuriesN/A
Thrush (Oral)N/A
Tonsilitis N/A
Ulcer (Gastric)N/A
Undereating N/A


Some elective therapies, treatments and procedures that are made available (e.g. cosmetic surgery) should be properly carried out under the direct supervision of a qualified medical practitioner even though the advertising of such therapies may not appear in a "medical" classification

  • No advertisement should include details of products or procedures claiming to prevent ageing or promote rejuvenation.
  • No advertisement should include any reference to prescription only medicines e.g. 'Botox' or 'botulinium toxin' (the generic name)
  • Advertisements including claims for "Permanent Hair Removal" by depilatory creams, "Epilight" hair removal, "Laser" hair removal is unacceptable. But the term "Permanent Hair Reduction" using the methods mentioned is acceptable.

Unacceptable terms in Beauty Advertising and Acceptable alternatives (where applicable)

This is not an exhaustive list and may from time to time change based on advice from the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)

Anti-ageing/Anti-ageing treatmentsFacial Line Softening, Temporary Facial tightening / toning, cosmetic enhancements
Botox, Bo-tox, B*T*X, Beautox, Frown Relaxing / Frown Relaxing Treatment, Muscle freezer, Muscle InhibitorsFacial Line Softening, treatments to improve appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Dysport Facial line softening, treatments to improve appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Facial LiftingCACI Facial Treatments, non-surgical facial treatments
Facial TighteningCACI Facial Treatments, non-surgical facial treatments
Fat Busting InjectionN/A
Fat DissolvingN/A
Flab Busters LecithinN/A
Flab JabN/A
Hyperhidrosis Treatment (excessive sweating)N/A
Injectable TreatmentsDermal Fillers, Restylane, Hylaform, Juvederm, Newfill, Collagen, Perlane, Lip pouting treatment, Temporary plumping
Line and Wrinkle TreatmentsFacial Line Softening, treatments to improve appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Non-surgical Facelifts/CACI non-surgical FaceliftsCACI Facial treatments
RejuvenationSkin revitalisation
Tightening CapsulesN/A
VistabelFacial line softening, treatments to improve appearance of fine lines & wrinkles